Living Proof of Running a Business with Heart
Alina Villasante – 
Founder & Designer of Peace Love World

Alina Villasante is the founder & designer of her lifestyle brand and an advocate of loving and inspiring others to be their best self. The Peace Love World brand was born in 2009 through the love of fashion from an energetic soul.

Born in Cuba, raised in New York and finding home in Miami, Alina found her purpose in the world of fashion after 17 years in the Aviation business. While building what the Business Journal named the “#1 repair station in the world,” Alina traveled globally and recognized that everyone was starving for the same thing, peace love and happiness.

She decided to make it her mission to find a window to the world where she can inspire people to not only feel loved but to love others. During the process of selling High Standard Aviation, Alina found her voice of positive energy and affirmations and used the clothes as her canvas to spread her message.

The movement quickly spread into the major retailers along with 2000 boutiques worldwide. It has been supported by iconic celebrity followings and brand collaborations. To name a few: Pharrell, Coca Cola, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians. The infectious attraction led her to the QVC platform.

The opportunity filled a white space that their customer was looking for and a chance to touch millions with the brand message.