About Patricia

Patricia San Pedro
(Positively Pat)

Emmy Award Winner, Cancer Survivor & Activist, Author, Entrepreneur & All Around Good Person!

“I believe joy is a choice. Though for sure it isn’t always easy. I’ve learned to tap into inner peace, no matter what’s going on externally (with practice).  My belief is that we are meant to be happy.

I’m single with no children or siblings. My friends are my family, and my pets are my kids. 🙂  I’m a corporate flower child…a creative being who is always bursting with ideas.  I’m a successful business person, currently Executive Director of Marketing, Communications and Events with the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. I am  blessed with a career which has placed me in the board rooms of companies such as American Airlines, NBC, The Miami Herald, Cox Communications and others.   I sit on the Board of several non-profits including the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, where I am Vice President of the Board. 

On the personal side, I’ve been called a social butterfly, because I love people. I’m a HUGE lover and protector of animals, and our beautiful planet. One of my missions is helping women who are diagnosed with cancer, as I was, twice. I love to inspire, empower and help others bring out the best in themselves (thus, this podcast). I LOVE to dance! Hummingbird is my “totem” animal…because they suck the sweet nectar from life in order to survive.” 

IF you want to know more:

What’s your ish – I ask.. 

Mine is “I’m happy-ish“.  I live a balanced-ish life”. “I’m fulfilled-ish” and a myriad of other ish’s that sparked a desire to create something that would add value, bring hope, joy, and inspiration to my life.  While doing the same for others.  

And since I love sharing stories…“’WHAT THE ISH” podcast was born.

Join us for conversations that are sometimes light and fun, other times deep and soulful, but always inspiring.

You’ll meet some pretty cool people from all walks of life who will share how they’ve followed their dreams, found peace even in the midst of grief and loss, ran away towards it all, learned how to balance against all odds, never gave up, discovered joy in spite of external circumstances, fulfilled their dreams and lots more.  

What the Ish chats are casual, open-hearted and raw, with parents, artists, writers, designers, photographers, housewives, business owners, cancer patients, the neighbor next door, celebrities, foodies, psychic mediums, and musicians, to name a few.

My hope is that their stories will ignite your passions, add fuel to your life, and spark action, so you too can live the life of your deepest desires.

I look forward to you joining us on What The Ish!

Patricia San Pedro (aka Positively Pat)