What the ish Podcast 

This podcast is all about the ish….those defining moments in life that led you to who you are today.

My ish’s guided me to create this podcast. I was happy(ish), fulfilled(ish), living on purpose(ish).  That realization was one of the many defining moments in my life…too many ish’s!  

Now I dig deep into my guest’s personal stories of how their defining moment (their ish) led them to – take greater risks, follow their dreams, make different choices, change course, reshuffle priorities….sometimes even in the midst of/or in spite of the most challenging moments of their life. 

We share our mutual stories and learn from one another. Conversations with people from all walks of life…like you and me. 

Please join us and let our stories inspire and empower you. At least that’s my hope.

Patricia San Pedro
(aka Positively Pat)

Meet Your Host
Patricia San Pedro

Emmy Award Winner, Cancer Survivor & Activist, Author, Entrepreneur 

“I love to inspire, empower and help others bring out the best in themselves (thus, this podcast).” Learn more about Pat >>

Current Episodes

Patricia San Pedro – 
What the heck is ‘What the Ish’
This first episode of 'What the Ish' introduces you to a podcast with a very strange name. I'll explain it all in a very short video and hope it makes sense.
Alina Villasante – 
Founder & Designer of Peace Love World
Living Proof of Running a Business with Heart
Her luxury brand has become a favorite for millions of QVC viewers and celebrity followers including Pharrell, Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, and Ellen DeGeneres. Meet the woman behind the beloved Peace Love World brand and hear how it all began. From Cuba to NY, Atlanta, Miami and the world.
Louis Aguirre – 
Anchor/Reporter, Actor, Environmentalist
Finding What Truly Fulfills You
He's done it all....from anchoring national TV shows, to acting in Sex and the City, Burn Notice, soaps like Guiding Light and All My Children, Louis reached for the stars...and grabbed them. Only to find, true fulfillment back home in Miami, covering environmental issues that have a real impact on all of our lives. .
Carolyn Newman & Dr. Ashwin Mehta – 
Warriors & Integrative Doctor
Healthcareish: Breast Cancer and Integrative Healing of the Mind, Body, Soul
Dr. Ashwin Mehta, Medical Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at Memorial Healthcare System, joins breast cancer survivors (and warriors), Carolyn Newman and Patricia San Pedro. Both ladies are powerful advocates of personal empowerment before, during and after illness, and motivational speakers. Together they’ll look at the healing process, from oncology, to nutrition, exercise, sleep, yoga, and mindfulness, to achieve wellness.
Jon Secada – 
International Superstar
A Behind the Scenes Look at an Immigrant’s Success Story
What drives him to pour his Cuban roots to so much of his music? Jon Secada has been in our collective song memory for over two decades. Three GRAMMY Awards, 20 million albums sold, a 2021 Latin GRAMMY nomination, and starring roles on Broadway. Plus, he is one of the first bilingual artists to have international crossover success.
Ana Veciana-Suarez – 
Grief, Loss & Finding Peace Through the Written Word
She is a beloved author and syndicated columnist Her personal losses have been many, and deep. Yet she's found ways, through her writing and sharing of stories, to bring hope, and even joy, back to her life, and richness of emotions to her readers.

Current Episodes

Matt Cohen – 
Musician/Digital Expert
Balancing Work With Your Passions
Released March 2, 2022
How does he do it? When both sides of your brain function and you run a digital marketing company, yet still find a way to follow your dream and go on tour with your band!
Larry Olmstead – 
President & CEO
Released January 19, 2022
He played a role in four Pulitzer Prize-winning efforts, and was a Pulitzer finalist for one of his own. Larry spent 25 years in media, yet it wasn't until he shifted his career, and moved west, that he found his true calling as a servant to those in need, including those affected by the fires in Paradise and Redding.
Leslie McGuirk – 
Astrologer, Author, Artist and Advisor
Get a Sneak Peak at 2022 and lots more!
Released December 29, 2021
What does 2022 hold in store for us? Internationally acclaimed astrologer, author, artist and advisor to global thought leaders, Leslie McGuirk, gives us a sneak peak. Check it out!
Santa Claus – 
Santa Claus Tells All!
Released December 21, 2021
We have the biggest scoop of the year! Santa Claus Tells All on What the Ish Podcast. Don’t miss it! No spoilers so gather ‘round and watch/listen with the kids too!!!

Upcoming Episodes

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